H4x0r3D By MMC

Mega Mind Crew



[#]You Got ./Box3d The Very Moment You Let Your Guard Down
The Mega Mind Crew Squad Are Back

[+] Yes,You Morons Must have Heard About Us

We Mega Mind Crew, Are Everywhere You Go, Anonymousity Is Our Power And Where We Reside, Dont Have High Hopes Because We Are From The Internet..Remember The Movie Titled ''Dont Mess With An Angel'' So Therefore, ''Dont Mess With MMC Squads''

[+] Hacking Has No Rule Whatsoever, Take It Or Leave It |As Of Now, You Are Already A Victim

[+] Am Sure You Would Like To Know Why I Wasted My Precious Time To Box Your Fucking Lame Ass?

[#] Its Because Your Website Security Is Paralyzed..Fix It , You Should Know By Now That We Are Hactivist From The Net
Also, We Are The Great Net Crew And Ghost Generals Of The Net So Expect Us

[+]No Harm Was Done But Your Site Is Still Lacking, Not SecureD At ALL

[+] contact Us MeGaMinDcreW [+]


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